Year Event
1955 Ian Aird of London, Erling Dahl-Iverson of Copenhagen, and Alexander Brunschwig of New York conceived the idea of a small meeting consisting of 30-50 leading surgeons from English speaking countries bordering the Atlantic.
1956 Together with John Hellstrom of Stockholm, Carl Semb of Oslo, and Jonathan Rhoads, they formed the “International Surgical Club”. 50 surgeons were selected for membership: 25 from USA and Canada, and 25 from Europe.
1958 Inaugural meeting on 17th July in Edinburgh.
1959 First meeting attended by spouses.
1962 First time program booklet was prepared.
1965 The idea of honorary fellows was introduced for surgeons of special distinction. It was decided that members over 65 would be senior members. Membership increased to 60. Members were elected from nations outside of the original members.
1980 First meeting held outside of the countries of the initial membership (Scandinavian countries, British Isles, Canada, and United States). This meeting was held in Heidelberg Germany.
1982 Silver Jubilee of the International Surgical Group (ISG). Gala meeting was held in London.
1989 Commemorative publication of history of the ISG: authored by Claude E. Welch, Dick Welbourn, Eivin Hasner, Jonathan Rhoads, and Bob Macbeth.  Discussions of expanding the membership were abandoned. However, discussion of non-attenders and the 10% rule gained traction.
1994 ISG Ties designed by Michael Trede and Arthur Li.
1996 Discontinuation of the practice of inviting prospective members to meetings prior to election.
2007 Golden Jubilee 50th Annual meeting in London. Stricter rules introduced for exclusions because of non-attendance.
2012 Decision to devote one session of each meeting to debate on a topic and generating an ISG consensus statement for publication (not yet enacted in practice).
2013 Alarm Clock instituted to help speakers stay on time.
2018 Official Society Website.

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