“The original aim of the founding members was that a circle of distinguished scientifically active and internationally minded surgeons should meet at regular intervals to exchange experiences and ideas for the preservation of sound ethical principles among surgeons and physicians in general.”

Eivin Hasner

“I think that Bruce, Aird and myself all were anxious to avoid establishing something which would be a status symbol and it was partly for this reason that we referred to the organisation as a group.” And not a “Club”.

Jonathan Rhoads

“There are three prerequisites to be fulfilled by any candidate for membership; all three are of equal importance:

  • – Leading academic surgeon
  • – Clubbability
  • – Willing to attend regularly.”

Stefan Post

“A special feature of the Group is that most members’ wives attend regularly, sometimes bringing members of their families with them and all know each other by their first names. Social functions, including hospitality in members’ homes and programs for the ladies form important parts of the meetings. These all contribute to the personal relationships which are so important in the development of surgery internationally.”

Eivin Hasner

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